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Conversations about physics explanations

I am not a physicist. There are a lot of physicists that explain the absolutely mind-bending fabric of our universe to laymen like me. I think it really awesome that people take the time to do this. Sometimes, I don't get it. There is nothing wrong with that, as only few people really understand the theory. And these people will be the first to admit how little they know and how limited their understanding is. When I don't get it, I think I should ask questions or propose counterarguments. It is extremely difficult to make sound arguments on dangerously different levels of simplification, interpretation or abstraction. In that case, me asking questions nad hopefully getting an answer, helps me understand better. It can also help to improve the explanation. And that, in turn, helps other people.

How we know that Einstein's General Relativity can't be quite right
In the How we know that Einstein's General Relativity can't be quite right video, Sabine Hossenfelder explains how General relativity cannot be quite right. One claim in the video is that (general) relativity is wrong because relativity conflicts with quantum mechanics (QM) and QM is right. That is a bold claim for a falsifiable theory. A two-split thought experiment is provided to show this. This experiment – and to my knowledge no experiments so far – does not combine relativity and QM in such a way that we can rule out one of them. I do agree that theories with singularities, like relativity, generally suggest problems. Both theories, have shown to be reliable so far and naturally: both cannot be proven correct. I think that therefore, using one theory contradicting another cannot be used as proof that the other must be wrong.
Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment Explained
In the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment Explained video, respect your intellect explains how the delayed choice quantum eraser (DCQE) experiment shows that causality can travel faster than light. I placed a comment where I suggested this was not necessarily a violation of causality according to relativity. This is also covered in a more elaborate article: “ Causality