Mijn pagina

Deze pagina bevat mijn aantekeningen en overdenkingen. Ik uit hier mijn stijgende verbazing over een samenleving die steeds dommer, roekelozer, gewetenlozer en vergeetachtiger lijkt te worden.


De navigatie bevindt zich bovenaan de pagina.

My page

This page consist of my notes and ponderings. These might be here because it's easy for me to have stuff in one place. On the other hand: I only put them here when I feel like it. If I think it's easier to explain things with a little math, I will do so. At request I can try to give another explanation but without guarantee and it not my speciality. My native language is Dutch so a lot of content will be Dutch.


Navigation is on top. The current topic is in big characters. The bulls-eye left of the current topic will bring you to the permalink (that stays the same if the title changes). Left of the permalink button is the trail from the topmost topic to the current topic (which is empty for this page, naturally). On the right of the current topic, first you see subtopics – if any – in smaller characters. Right of that in slightly bigger characters you can see topics that share the same parent topic. That's all.