Welcome! This page contains my ponderings about various topics.

This page is not designed to look glossy or arty. It has a sober design that is aimed to be typographically acceptable on most viewers and should load really fast.


Navigation is on top. The current topic is in big characters. The bulls-eye left of the current topic will bring you to the permalink (that stays the same if the title changes). Left of the permalink button is the trail from the topmost topic to the current topic (which is empty for this page, naturally). On the right of the current topic, first you see subtopics – if any – in smaller characters. Right of that in slightly bigger characters you can see topics that share the same parent topic. That's all.

The navigation is not brilliant, but it works okay.


I could have used the well-known “disclaimers” euphemism, however, I must admit that most times that I fail to provide services to make content more accessible it is because I spend limited time in fact: they're just excuses.

Dutch language

Some topics are in Dutch. That is my native language and for me , it lends itself better to express complex or subtle matters. If somebody finds a topic really important and can translate it in English perfectly: tell me.


Some topics use math. I will try to keep it simple but don't like to “illustrate” something with large tables of numbers when it can be written down concisely with math. Sorry for that: I'm not a didactic.